Introducing the Air Quality Index.

Air quality is something that we need to care more about.

A better experience.

Day by day, we do our best to make Aerium one of the most useful weather applications out there — for everyone. The more users we have, the bigger the responsibility, and we learned that the hard way. We rely on dozens of APIs and partnerships in order to be able to correctly locate and display the most accurate weather information available.


Air Quality Index

We are heavily testing Aerium 2.0 - including Air Quality Index - with hundreds of incredible people who have joined our beta program and the feedback has been fantastic so far. We are happy that we have the liberty of taking product decisions that can be useful to thousands of people, towards making their life healthier.


While this looks like a minor change, knowing when it's unsafe to go outdoors is crucial for our health. An AQI value below 50 means that the air quality is good, while outdoor activities should be avoided when the AQI is over 200.

These updates are part of our sustained effort to protect the environment - as much as we can, by raising some attention. There are billions of people breathing polluted air that affects their health on a daily basis.

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